Give thanks for the new mercies we see each day

I write this looking out of the window across the green leafy fields of north Derbyshire, against a backdrop of an almost cloudless blue sky, thinking what a fabulous day to be in the hills and I am at a clergy conference!

When I walk into the hills and reach the top a range of emotions come to me. First I wonder why on earth I am doing this, muscles and joints that I have forgotten about ache and I still have to get down! Next I am amazed by the contrast of the views. Take Snowdon, from the summit you can see the sweep of Cardigan bay, the castle of Harlech and ornate Portmerion. You can also see the rugged and unforgiving terrain of the Snowdon Massif a mountain that was once a volcano, a simple trip or stumble and you may not survive.

The contrast of people and nature.

The mountains have been there for hundreds of millions of years and yet in a short time human kind has made a large impact on the environment. We hear so many accounts of how human activity is affecting our planet and that the poorest nations of the world are the worst affected.

Throughout the Bible the created world isn’t just about people, it is the whole of the created world. The mountains and the seas, the pandas and the spiders, the creative abilities of people and the amazing nest of the weaver bird. The created world isn’t human kind or nature, it is human kind and nature, it is a community of creation.

The famous old hymn ‘Great is thy faithfulness’ written in 1923 by Thomas Chisolm neatly binds us together with the created world as being a part of God’s creation community. ‘…morning by morning new mercies  I see, all that I have thy hand has provided…’, runs the chorus.

As spring unfolds before us give thanks for the new mercies we see each day. Give thanks for the gifts and talents we receive through God’s blessing. Celebrate the creativity of human kind that will help us to resolve some of the issues facing our communities today. It is through God’s faithfulness that we can look for answers.

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