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Mission Action Plan

Thursday, January 4th, 2018

The beginning of a new year is a time for looking forward and at Furzebank Worship Centre we will be spending January, February and March thinking about the future ministry and mission of our church and our vision and priorities for the next three years.

All churches in the Diocese of Lichfield are encouraged to formulate a Mission Action Plan (M.A.P.) – an outline of the direction in which they feel their congregation is being led by God and a summary of the actions and plans they feel God is calling them to develop and to put in place. The idea is that congregations focus on their worship, spiritual growth and pastoral care of one another and also on their outreach and mission to the wider community. The emphasis is on everyone from the church coming together to think and to pray about their M.A.P. and to work together to create a vision for the future – not just the vicar and members of the church council. Everyone is part of the church and therefore everyone should be involved in its’ future…

At Furzebank Worship Centre, this coming together and consulting with one another has been our practice for many years; and so as we begin the process of discernment and guidance yet again, I would encourage us all to think deeply and prayerfully about where God may be calling us and about God’s priorities for us and for the area we are called to serve.

To help us in this process, we have a number of important discussions and meetings taking place:

Firstly, from 9th January to 13th February, we will be holding an extended Prayer Group every Tuesday in the Worship Centre – beginning at our usual time of 7.00 pm but continuing until 7.45 pm.

During the Sunday morning services on 14th January, 28th January and 11th February, we will use the ‘sermon slot’ as a time for discussion and a sharing of ideas.

On Sunday 21st January, Libby Leech from the Diocese’s ‘Reaching New Generations’ Team will be coming to preach and to help us think about how we can build on our existing work with children and their families.

On Thursday 8th February and Thursday 15th February, there will be open meetings of the District Church Council to which everyone is welcome as take the ideas gathered from the Sunday morning discussions and begin to put out M.A.P. together.

A draft M.A.P. will be presented to the congregation on Sunday 4th March for comment.

On Thursday 8th March, a completed and finalised M.A.P. will be agreed at the District Church Council Meeting before being formally presented at the Annual General Meeting on 22nd March.


As you can see from this time-table, there is a lot of work to be done; but at the Church Council, we have agreed that we need to be as thorough and as wide-ranging in our discussions as possible so that as many people as possible can take part and their voices can be heard.

And, of course, underlying everything must be prayer. For it is God’s plans and priorities for Furzebank that we need to try and understand – not ours.

So as we enter into this new year and into this time of discernment for our church, can I encourage you to come along to the different meetings and discussions and be a part of what is going on; and can I ask you all for your prayers for us all as we seek God’s will and God’s purposes for Furzebank Worship Centre.


A Mission Action Planning Prayer

God of Mission
who alone brings growth to your Church
send your Holy Spirit to give
vision to our planning
wisdom to our actions
and power to our witness.
Help your church to grow
in numbers
in spiritual commitment to you
and in service to your world
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

Published by the Diocese of Sheffield and adapted from a Leading Your Church into Growth Collect for From Evidence to Action Conference.


Revd. Helen Duckett.